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LKS Osuchów has been established on 2nd October 2002. Its purpose is to stimulate the sports activity among the youth living in rural areas, activity for the benefit of local community as well as cooperation with the local primary schools and Grammar School in Osuchów. Actually the plan of the sports facilities construction for LKS Osuchów is implemented. Finally the whole complex will consist of the stadium with full size football ground, training ground, running track, athletic jump facility and fitness. The sports hall in the local Schools Complex is also available for the members of the Club since its establishment. The friend Osuchów, meritious sportsman, President of the Polish Weightlifting Association, participant of 11 Olympic Games – Mr. Janusz Przedpełski cooperates with the Management of LKS Osuchów. At the moment the following sections are active in the Club: football section, volleyball section and athletics section.


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Urząd Miejski w Mszczonowie
Plac Piłsudskiego 1, 96-320 Mszczonów

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Telephone exchange: +48 46 858 28 20

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