Urząd Miejski w Mszczonowie
Plac Piłsudskiego 1, 96-320 Mszczonów
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Elżbiety, Eugeniusza, Adrianny

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Public Utilities and Housing Facility acts as an organizational entity of Mszczonów Gmina in the form of budget facility without its own legal personality with the head office in Mszczonów Town. The object of the Facility activity is the performance of the Gmina tasks in the scope of meeting the collective needs of local community in form of services and production activity.

The scope of the Facility tasks encompasses particularly the following:
▪ exercising the management over the municipal housing resources handed over to the Facility
▪ cleaning services in the territory of the town and gmina, maintenance and construction of green areas
▪ maintaining the order and cleanness in the territory of gmina;
▪ maintenance of municipal waste dump as well as collection of solid waste and liquid sewage
▪ activities associated with maintenance of gmina roads and streets
▪ water production and maintenance of water facilities, water supply networks and water treatment plants
▪ sewage collection and treatment in municipal treatment plant, checking of treated sewage quality
▪ execution of sewage examinations in the scope of municipal laboratory capabilities
▪ maintenance of the sewage disposal networks and facilities including sewage pumping stations
▪ execution of overhaul and construction works as well as transportation of personnel and materials for the benefit of the Municipal Office and its organizational entities;
▪ performance of all works ordered by the Municipal Office in the framework of current service of the Orderer
Execution of a/m activities out of boundaries of Mszczonów Gmina with the consent to be given by the Mayor of the Town.


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Urząd Miejski w Mszczonowie
Plac Piłsudskiego 1, 96-320 Mszczonów

18° 47' 57" N 53° 13' 80" E

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Telephone exchange: +48 46 858 28 20

Mayor's secretariat
tel.: 46 858 28 40, fax: 46 858 28 43

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