Urząd Miejski w Mszczonowie
Plac Piłsudskiego 1, 96-320 Mszczonów
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Since January 2006, Mszczonów Culture Centre acts in a modern building adapted for any kinds artistic activity. The object consists of theatre and cinema room, small gallery, club for youth, a few specialized studies, social and office rooms.

The basic tasks of the centre encompass the following
▪ identification of cultural interests and needs and their meeting
▪ cultural education and education through arts
▪ creation the conditions promoting to the development of unprofessional artistic movement
▪ organization of artistic and entertainment events in the gmina
▪ continuation of cultural and educational activity as well as cooperation with artistic circles.

These tasks are performed b:
▪ organization of performances (Grupa JOZEFA), concerts, exhibitions, lectures and fairs, varnishing - days
▪ organization of competitions (among others: review of songsi „STRUNA”) workshops, reviews and meetings presenting the cultural achievements of individual persons, groups, circles and sites (Contest „Artistic Meetings of Schools”, “General Polish Declamatory   Competition),
▪ organization of entertainment events ( Annual Mszczonowski Fair, Saint Roch Church Fair in Lutówka, Harvest Home Festival in Gmina, open air events on the beginning and on the end of summer)
▪ leading of artistic camp - fires, interests clubs
▪ popularisation of events in the territory of gmina.


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Urząd Miejski w Mszczonowie
Plac Piłsudskiego 1, 96-320 Mszczonów

18° 47' 57" N 53° 13' 80" E

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Telephone exchange: +48 46 858 28 20

Mayor's secretariat
tel.: 46 858 28 40, fax: 46 858 28 43

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